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The Practitioner

Elaine Turner

Graduate of Advanced Bodywork and Massage Institute, Solon, Ohio
Certified Massage Practitioner
Reiki level II practitioner
on facebook Ladies First Massage

In 2013, after years in marketing, advertising, and graphic communication, then 6 wonderful years as a full time mom, I decided to follow in a good friends footsteps to pursue a career that would help others gain relief from physical/emotional pain though relaxation and clarity of the mind body. I believe strongly in the mind and body connection and slowly, traditional "medicine" as we know it is offering alternatives to their treatments (see Cleveland Clinic Alternative health studies and practices, including reiki, massage, acupuncture). As a Reiki practitioner, i have learned the way to channel my energy (universal) to help others feel better by avoiding the cascading reciprocity affect of toxic pharmaceuticals. Meridians and chakras are not scientifically proven as are some things we refer to intangible mysteries such as faith and love and do not require proof..i have seen and felt the energy field.
I trained in Swedish modality and this is often "deep" pressure except in cases of contraindication or medical red flags. But we are more than cells; there is energy in those cells, there is "cellular memory" and my massage is not "deep" pressure due to just pressing hard on muscles and fascia, but is a perfect pressure with the perfect intuitive intent. this is huge when choosing a massage practitioner. Go with someone who knows Reiki or polarity. Polarity is a proven physiological and scientific fact. we are electromagnetic beings. Reiki takes things a step further, in a spiritual sense allowing the practitioner to manipulate that energy field. the practitioner and clients combined energy is crucial in healing and wellness..
As the full circle always closes, I as the student practiced on the teacher in hospice. For the first time, i saw what Reiki does for a body that is changing or on heavy medication. I learned how much can be felt with Divine energy when the body is numbed with pain meds. Life is an amazing journey. live it in positive energy and love. Many people give more maintenance to their cars then to their own bodies. we NEED massage, for an immunity boost, to ease anxiety (our cellular memory from our neurons are carried in the fibrous tissues of the muscle fascia where it can remain for years until released) or just a work out for your mind/body thru meditation/reflection and physiology.
I love what i do.
I can travel up to 15 miles to Ladies homes for spa parties with my associate who does mani pedi